Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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pConclusion for this semester: STRESS

Sem 5, can say that is the most stress semester for me so far, work overnight for few days and finally get sick, i think this is the worst 1 because i rest around 4-5 days then only feel better.
Last week, toughest week to go through, tortuning by sickness....Crumbling~~!!!
I really scare get fail again, especially this time, if get fail any 1 of the subject , gonna take the only failed subject for entire semester. It will waste 2k+ and my half year time here...
arghhh.... cant stop think about it.
Thanks God i can resubmit my assignment, the deadline from last week keep postponed to next week after begged the lecturer...XD
If not i really dont know how to die.
Because of that now i can watch movie non-stop, and have some day-dreaming....
Jb Jb Jb , i wan go JB!!!
Seriously im so miss all of my friends in JB, and all the church members over there.
and the important thing the foods over there as well ^.^
really hope that next week i able to go back there to visit them for few days, do something for the church. always think to do something but somehow feel like there is a gap.
Although never contact for quite a while, but my heart cant stop think about them however now im here, at Cyberjaya.
i thought im mature enough but actually ain't, duno since when i realized that my way of thought such a childish.
recently my dad was at China, everytimes he call me i was dont feel like pick up the phone, because the first thing he mention is ask me when to go back Kedah. haiz....
told him i dont wan go back but still keep pushing me.
Maybe u'll wonder that why i dont go back since its holiday soon.
Nonon, i wanted to go back but just for a while,
For me, go back for entire sem break = wasting my time.
I rather stay here and self-learn something or work to earn some. Im 21 year old already ok?
I always feel like did nothing for my life...haiz................
However, my dad also brought me a good news, he said can let me go China again!!!YES...
Now is winter season over there, can see snow again.....wkakaka
but the problem its on me because my schedule is so unstable now.
1) need to finish assignment and pass up with peaceful heart.
2)Jb trip
3)Outing with friends
4)go back hometown
hope i can complete all of this...aiks

Friday, November 7, 2008

This is the current things my com working for me.
Notice tat how many things i opened at the same time?for 1 subject of assignment
Lucky my com ain't lousy com, if not duno hang how many times oledi.
My files is super messy now, cant tahan wif it, BUT wat to do?
1 week more toward freedom...ENDURE wif it!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

wats ur response of 1st sight to c this pic? Obviously tis is not my chair, i'm not tat capable to
"transform" the chair become like tis. tis is Keith's
Its was happened last few days. Tat time i were slping n suddenly heard some sound. POOMM~~~~~~~~
U noe how loud is tat?IM HAVING A DREAM!!!
n i was jumped up from my bed, the 1st thing i look at is my com coz i tot it was lightning strike.
Scared me..................
Open the door n go into his room n c...1st response i had is---- GENG!!!
Like tis oso can break it into half, speechless n laugh. lol

REMINDER----behave urself when sitting on a chair, dont goyang here goyang there!=)

My com table!

Quite some week din update my blogs oledi, n here im, IM BACK.
since nothing to do, took some pics of my room.

Cant believe wat kind of person m i, coz tml got 1 assignment to pass up n i stil duno doing wat here, so much time can stil post a blog n leave the assignment behind.

My table is look messy, wakakakak.

Here, the place i always facing with.
Sometimes 12hours, sometimes 24 hours.

Alot of things rite?
wat to do, lazy to tidy up.
when feel stress n bore, i'll light up n burn the fragrance oil.hoho....
tats so nice to smell n relaxing.
Wan try some?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Yepy






Copy From alien's FS blog
hmm....juz saw tis blog from alien.
at the start i read i tot he write about who.
A girl or some1 he
Mana tao is YEPY~~!!!!!

Feel abit sad after read tat,
How oso stay 2gether for around almost 2 month.

Take care everything of her, sometimes reli
feel lazy and annoying.

Many times took something to whip Yepy coz
shitting everywhere she goes.

Sometimes bully Yepy coz of too cute.
From small size watch her growing everydays,
until nid 2 hand to hold her.

Slept beside me, played wif every1 in the house.

Sometimes come lick my face,
sometimes come kacao me when im down,
sometimes reli made me angry.

BUT, now everything.
Onli can be in my memory,

Like wat alien said,

Hope Yepy in good life n take care by some1 else.

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